About ME

Who am I? Sounds like a philosophical question, doesn't it? No need to write an essay, though. The short answer is "Me". This website is my way of expressing my personality not with words but through art. I didn't study any specific training, however, I have been drawing since a very young age. Over the years, I've stopped without really knowing why, let's say 'that's life'. For a while now, I've been giving myself time to redo art because it seems obvious to me that it's part of me and it helps me in many ways. As we grow up, we sometimes forget to dream, so if I allow myself to do so, I would like to share my art and why not live from it one day.

So here I am, ME.

About Art

Favorite Art:
Abstracts with Indian ink on paper
Other art forms:
Acrylic painting on canvas (Abstracts, Portraits).
3D pen (some attempts).

I am always curious to test other medium/forms of Art.